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Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Cheaha Regional Head Start/Early Head Start is a division of TCR Child Care Corporation and has operated a successful program for more than thirty years.
Cheaha Regional Head Start/Early Head Start is an outstanding example of a federal funded program designed to serve predominately low-income children and families.

 Cheaha Regional Head Start's Annual Report 2017-2018
According to the Head Start Act of 2007, each Head Start agency shall make available to the public a report published at least once in each fiscal year that discloses the following information from the most recently concluded fiscal year, except that reporting such information shall not reveal personally identifiable information about an individual child or parent:
  1. The total amount of public and private funds received and the amount from each source.
  2. An explanation of budgetary expenditures and proposed budget for the fiscal year.
  3. The total number of children and families served, the average monthly enrollment (as a percentage of funded enrollment), and the percentage of eligible children served.
  4. The results of the most recent review by the Secretary and the financial audit.
  5. The percentage of enrolled children that received medical and dental exams.
  6. Information about parent involvement activities.
  7. The agency's efforts to prepare children for kindergarten.
  8. Any other information required by the Secretary.
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Cheaha Regional Head Start

Kelly Mumper, Director