CCC Subsidy

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What is CCC Subsidy?
The Child Care Subsidy Program is available to assist with the cost of child care for eligible families and provide equal access to affordable and quality childcare services. The Department of Human Resources administers the program regionally through three Child Care Management Agencies (CMAs) in 9 Regions.

What are the Program's Objectives?
1. To enable recepients of Family Assistance (FA) to engage in work and/or training acivities through the Department's JOBS Program, and to transition off FA.
2. To enable families to maintain suitable employment and/or to engage in other educational or training activities leading to employment.
3. To protect children from actual, threatened or potential abuse or neglect.
4. To support adults who provide foster care services for children for whom the Department has legal custody.
5. To enable minor parents to remain in school and thereby avoid long-term welfare dependency.
6. To promote quality child care services through a variety of quality enhancement initiatives, including parent and provider training, resource and referral services, and comprehensive consumer education. 

(Ala. DHR Policy and Procedure Maual Section 1.2)

Who is Eligible For Subsidized Day Care Services?
You may be eligible for services if you are making your home in Alabama and are employed and/or enrolled in school/training and making no more income than is allowable.

TCR Child Care Corporation administers the program through two CMAs: Child Care South in the Mobile region and Child Care Central in the Birmingham region.

To access more information concerning the Subsidy Program, including income guidelines and application forms, please visit the Alabama Department of Human Resources site.