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Why High Quality Pre-K?

Children who Participate in High Quality Pre-K: 
  • Demonstrate higher academic achievement
  • Are less likely to repeat a grade
  • Less likely to require special education classes
  • More likely to graduate from high school
  • More likely to enroll in college
  • Less likely to participate in criminal activity during their juvenile or adult years
  • Less likely to be victims of child maltreatment or neglect
  • As adults are less likely to be unemployed
  • More likely to have higher earning than similar students who do not participate in Pre-K
  • Less likely to depend on public assistance, become teenage parents, or endanger their health by smoking.
Online Registration 

Pre-registration dates: January 15- March 30
Online registration is now open at Complete the Pre-Registration Form and submit birth certificate and proof of residence.

Moving4Ward Pre-K Sites

To be eligible, children must turn four by September 1 of each school year.

Drew Court Child Development Center
1 Crestline Avenue
Sylacauga, Alabama 35044
(256) 249-9441
*Serving 18 eligible children

Central Elementary School - Coosa County
Route 2
Rockford, Alabama 35136
(256) 493-1484
*Two classrooms serving 18 eligible children in each classroom