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Together Everyone Achieves More

Vision: Keeping children safe, healthy, in school, and families united.

TEAM ONE partners with the Alabama Department of Human Resources to provide case aide staff statewide (see State Map). Case Aide professional support services provided to children and families throughout Alabama help protect children from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
Child Welfare Case Aides provide support services designed to increase the likelihood of keeping children in a safe, sanitary environment preferably in their own home and assist families in moving toward self-sufficiency by overcoming barriers, improving the likelihood of a successful family life and brighter future. Case Aide services may be provided in the child’s home, the home of a relative or other site to assist and support DHR in the overall goal of preventing removal of a child from the home or achieving re-unification of a family, causing as little trauma as possible in the child’s life.
  • Modeling/teaching Basic Living Skills
  • Modeling/teaching Basic Parenting Skills
  • Modeling/assisting with general household support activities
  • Educational support services to keep children in school
  • Transportation
  •  Supervised Visitation
  • Support to Social Worker Staff

Family Self-Sufficiency Case Aides provide paraprofessional support services to TANF recipients in overcoming barriers to employment, to increase marketable skills and employability, to gain or retain employment and to transition from welfare to work.
  • Assist and Teach Jobs Readiness
  • Transportation
  • Teach basic job search skills
  • How to keep a job
  • How to prepare a resume
  • Community/business liaison
  • Prepare newsletters 
  • Provide support services as needed
  • Security clearance level 23

School Attendance Interventionist in the Talladega City and Talladega County School systems provide school and in home assessment and attendance intervention for at-risk students to help them achieve academic success through regular school attendance.
  • Provide comprehensive development counseling
  • Build self-esteem, decision making, problem solving, and positive human relationship skills
  • Assist school administrators, teachers and parents to remove barriers for poor school attendance
  • Assist in assessing academic needs, behavioral needs, and health and family needs
  • Assist in development strategies for modifying inappropriate behavior
  • Make referrals to meet needs

501(c)(3) Non-Profit
a division of Talladega Clay Randolph Child Care Corporation

Collaborative Partners:
Alabama Department of Human Resources


925 North Street
Talladega, Alabama 35160
256-362-3852  *  256-362-0387 (FAX)
Leslie Jacobs, Program Director

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